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Wooden Ball and Chain Portieres, Fretwork or Curtains

Scott Hiler Home

This majestic home in New Washington, Ohio was commissioned in 1914 by J. W. Derr.  Scott Hiler is now the proud owner and conscientious caretaker of this historic house.  We are honored and delighted that he chose to install one of our Wooden Ball & Chain Portiere.  Scott selected the colors and pattern to compliment the wallpaper in the foreground and the lovely blues in the next room.
I couldn't resist sharing Scott's kitchen sink story.  In Scott's own words: "When I purchased the house, the kitchen's latest update dated from the early 70's with a tangerine laminated sink counter, brown shag carpet, and "colonial" hardware on the cupboards.  I've turned it back to a 19-teens kitchen with real linoleum and real cast iron and porcelain sink from the neighbor's home two doors down."  What are the odds?

Hiller Portiere


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