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French Gallery Rods

French Gallery Rod

Laurie picture
Laurie picture

Example of French Gallery Rod
by Customer Laurie F. from Sacramento, CA

Versatile and elegant, this hanger allows you to hang one picture above another, and they work equally well in both traditional and contemporary settings.  These precision made, solid brass rods are a great way to easily hang and arrange pictures on any wall.  The adjustable hooks can simply be moved up and down the rod to accommodate multiple pictures and varying heights.

Weight Limits:  We recommend not less than 3 pounds or more than 35 pounds.  If heavier, you can use two rods.

If you have ordered French Gallery Rods you will not see shipping charges on your order.  We must weigh your total order to get accurate shipping charges.

French Gallery Rod 4 ft.
With ONE Hook
Price: $20


French Gallery Rod 6 ft.
With TWO Hooks
Price: $25


gallery rod hook

Additional Hooks
Price: $6