Swan Picture Hangers - Elegant Period Picture Hooks and Hanging Paraphernalia.  Within these pages you will find picture hanging paraphernalia appropriate for a Victorian, Arts and Crafts, Mission, Craftsman or Contemporary home.  We hope you will take the time to explore the myriad of possibilities.

We will try to demonstrate for you just a few of the numerous ways to hang your pictures.  But please, use your imagination & experiment.  Don't be afraid...  It's fun!

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multiple hanging

A  This is a rear view of a multiple hanging.  You could hang three or four pictures in a vertical line in this manner.  You could also combine an inverted V arrangement with a Double Vertical Drop arrangement (see Image C).  This illustration uses chain, but it could also be done with cord (see Image D).

Double Vertical Drop

C  This is a Double Vertical Drop arrangement using chain.  The inserts demonstrate how the O rings and S hook are used.

Rear View of
Rosette Picture Hangers

Nail Hanging Hardware  Nail Hanging Hdwr.
Rail Hanging Hardware  Rail Hanging Hdwr.
Inverted V Hanging

B  This is a simple inverted V hanging.  Can be done with cord or chain.

Vertical Drop

D  Double Vertical Drop using cord.

Multiple Hanging Example

E  Multiple Hanging example using two separate cords.

double rosette

F  This example illustrates the use of two rosette picture hangers using cord on one hanging.  This works nicely, if you have a very wide hanging.  It's best to give me call if you wish to use this method so we can figure out together how much cord you will require.


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