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Wooden Ball and Chain Portieres, Fretwork or Curtains

Gary & Kathy Cregg's House

Cregg House

History of the Cregg House

We have always loved Victorian era homes and furnishings. Unfortunately there are no Victorian homes in our area, so in 2001 we decided to design and build our own Victorian-style home. This endeavor necessitated teaching the local architect and builder about all the nooks and crannies of a true Victorian home. We have the only gingerbread front porch in our neighborhood. Having collected Victorian furniture and accessories for over 25 years, we had more than enough to fill the space. Some of the features we put into our home included an antique fireplace mantle, a claw-foot tub, etched glass transoms, picture rail molding and vintage lighting. When we saw the ball and chain portiere we knew that it could be a wonderful addition to our home and we are not disappointed. The company's attention to detail and the finished product are both outstanding.

Again, thank you Carol for all your help.

Gary and Kathy Cregg
Ball and Chain Poitiere at the Cregg House
Ball and Chain Poitiere at the Cregg House

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